About Ribbon Cuttings

The West I-10 Chamber welcomes new members and new businesses by providing a ribbon cutting event. These events are published on our web site and in the local newspapers. It's just one more way we serve our members and promote your business.

Brookshire Municipal Water District

The Brookshire Municipal Water District hosted an Open House and ribbon-cutting at their new facility at 4004 Sixth Street in Brookshire on Friday, September 24, 2010. The water district will be open for business in the new building on September 30th.

Photo courtesy of The Times Tribune: From left to right: Judge Ted Krenek, County Commissioner Glenn Beckendorff, Amy Sillmon - Attorney for the district with Johnson, Radcliffe, Petrov & Bobbitt, Mayor Joey Vaughn, Tonya Pierre - General Manager/Water Board, Edith Penrice- Investment Officer/Water Board, (Behind Edith) Paulette Lasker - Secretary/Water Board, Lt. Darrell Branch - Brookshire Police, Stephanie Green - Asst. Secretary/ Water Board, Judge Karl Micklitz - City of Brookshire, Dr. Kirk Glover - Board President/Water Board, J.L. Rose - Superintendent/BKDD Albert Wilkins - Vice President/Water Board, Herman Clay with Clay & Leyendecker. - Engineering Consultant for the BMWD.