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The West I-10 Chamber welcomes new members and new businesses by providing a ribbon cutting event. These events are published on our web site and in the local newspapers. It's just one more way we serve our members and promote your business.

Fine Art Gallery at Brookwood

Brookwood residents and staff were joined by West I-10 Chamber members and friends to celebrate the opening of the Fine Art Gallery at Brookwood on Thursday, August 18th.

The Fine Art Gallery is the latest entrepreneurial enterprise addition to the Brookwood Community - which consists of eight group homes, two single-family staff homes, a residential Inn, health and dental clinic, Worship Center, enterprise building, activities and administration building, 47 greenhouses, Gift and Garden Center and the Cafe at Brookwood, and several other support buildings. Brookwood, which serves 110 resident adults (known as Brookwood "citizens") who are functionally disabled and live at Brookwood 24/7, and an additional 80 plus adults who participate in the day program, provides a spiritual and educational environment that creates meaningful jobs, builds a sense of belonging, and demands dignity and respect for adults with disabilities. The Brookwood Citizens experience the pride that accompanies the ability to contribute to one's own support. Brookwood's outreach program actively shares its innovative concepts and techniques with other professional caregivers across our nation and around the world.

Brookwood is a 501(c) non-profit, funded through tuition, the generosity of private sector donations, and sales from the entrepreneurial enterprises, and does not accept government funding of any kind.

August 18th Ribbon Cutting & Grand Opening: Founder Yvonne Streit was assisted by left-right Gallery Manager Judyanne Durkin, Executive Director Vivian Shudde, Director of Operations Nancy Cathey. West I-10 Chamber members and Brookwood Citizens

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