About Ribbon Cuttings

The West I-10 Chamber welcomes new members and new businesses by providing a ribbon cutting event. These events are published on our web site and in the local newspapers. It's just one more way we serve our members and promote your business.

Burger King - 30

On Saturday, January 19, 2013, the West I-10 Chamber of Commerce was proud to participate in the Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening of the new Burger King -30, located at 340 FM 359 S in Brookshire.

Front Row L-R- Greg Turner/Turner Duran Architects/West I-10 Chamber Dir.; Pascal Sakhel, VP of Operations-Houston Foods Inc.; Guillermina Gomez, General Manager-Popeye's; Julio Maltez, General Manager - Burger King; Erick Guzman - Asst. Mgr. Burger King; Manny Colorado/Director of Operations; Manny Aurora/District Manager; Back Row - Steve Pierson/Katy Family YMCA and West I-10 Chamber Dir.; Eric Green/City of Brookshire Alderman; Adam Traweek/Amegy Bank/ West I-10 Chamber Director/VP.